Drexel University ΚΦΛ

Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated




In Spring  2019, ten women who wanted a home away from home, was able to bring Kappa Phi Lambda onto the campus of Drexel University. Through their dedication and hard work, these remarkable women established a cultural sorority with a vision of a united sisterhood. They hope to continue their legacy with new generations of sisters as they continue their philanthropic efforts, hoping to inspire the community to help make a difference. We fundraise for charitable foundations such as Women's Opportunities Resource Center. Every year, Kappa Phi Lambda brings to campus a variety of events that raises awareness and addresses issues concerning Asian culture and women by way of workshops, guest speakers, and discussion panels. Meanwhile, we recognize those on campus who share common values and goals through collaboration with their organizations and support of their events. Each sister is willing to spare some of her time to help better the environment around her by participating in community service.